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Industrial Hemp is the oldest and most versatile crop know to man.


From food to fabric and body products to fuel, Industrial Hemp offers a healthier, greener alternative to most conventional products.

Choose to use Industrial Hemp products in your daily life.Check out some great Industrial Hemp products here!

The Cannabis Files

Premiering in 2018


Join Total Hemp Founder, Lee Estes and some of his Celebrity and not so Celebrity FB Friends in the Total Hemp Laboratory!

Participants in Total Hemp Laboratories receive Free Industrial Hemp Products to test out!  In return,  they report back with their experience of using the Products to the Total Hemp Laboratory FB Event Page for that specific Product.




CREATIVE SERVICES has put together a suite of services to help your new or established Canna-Business get a head of the pack and stay there. Creative Services offer a range of services from world class cannabis industry consultants to specialized cannabis product line photography and access to educational internet marketing tools.


Welcome to The Client Area. Soon, you will be able to access our sign in area for your client information. We are creating an area where clients can download their invoices or private documents in a convenient way.


We take pride in providing excellent service to our Clients.  


Total Hemp was founded on the principle that Industrial Hemp Products should be affordable and available to everyone. The solution, in all it's forms, must be available to the People. This is not the case in today's society.

Did you know that Industrial Hemp can solve most of the problems that our Society faces today?

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