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Access to World Class Cannabis Industry Consultants will soon be at your fingertips.

Beginning in January 2018, Creative Services will be hosting and offering the services of a number of expert cannabis industry professionals in order to get you the answers you need to navigate your cannabis based business to profitability in today's cannabis industry.


If you own a business , you know that co-branding your brand with existing media / social media projects can give your business a huge boost of attention.

Beginning in January 2018, Creative Services will be offering new and existing cannabis based businesses the opportunity to co-brand themselves with some of their peers in upcoming episodes and online social media events produced by


As a producer of cannabis based product(s), you know exactly how important it is to have your products viewed in the correct light.

Beginning in January 2018, Creative Services will be offering cannabis based product line photography. 

Don't rely on a cell phone picture to speak for your company, let our professional photography team help you.


Provide a world-class learning experience.

Let Teachable do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters - creating courses with our user-friendly interface.

Allow your students to easily sign up to your school, view curriculums and previews, and purchase your courses.

With just a few clicks, you’ll get a fully functioning school with learning management, payment gateways, and sales & marketing tools.


Focused on building lists to promote book launches, QuitN6 teaches you how to grow your email list for any project. 


With a focus on building an engaged list so that you can have an awesome and profitable launch.


The name comes from the idea of "Quit you job in six months" by building a course or product. Focus on the quality of your email list, instead of the quantity. This is a serious program for building your email list.


QuitN6 is an information source for helping struggling members of the workforce find a way to cut the cords of employment—breaking free for a life with more fun, freedom, creativity, and financial abundance.

Information however, no matter how good it is, has limited ability to create success for an individual. With that information there needs to be resources, and that’s what will ultimately set QuitN6 apart from every internet business school that has ever come before it.

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